Great success of Taratata’ at the Expo, Milan

Dr.Fulvio Galione

The adventure of Expo in Milan has been extraordinary, the boys of Mr Galione’s AFC Taratata’ and the staff of Coldiretti Sicilia ,who gave us ospitality,were enthusiastic. Taratata’ folklore caught the interest of the audience that crowded the Expo and the appreciation of Coldiretti Sicilia . A world showcase in an amazing location.The Universal Exposition in Milan,set of world excellencies and place of undeniable charm. Although the group performed many times a day, they spent some time visiting the EXPO.

Orazio Ciccone

It actually displays so many things to see, maybe “too many”. It’s impossible to see everything. The expositors enhance the value of their goods by the support of videos,sounds,lights,music and devices that catch the guest’s attention ,shifting from culture and history ,tradition and technology. You are bounced into past and future times ,among meditations and thoughts ,surprised and astonished by the world of food and more. The whole world si there in a unique sharing…

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